Our Specialty Services

An Independent, Nurse Practitioner Owned & Operated Agency
Supervised Care
Post Hospital Transitional Care
Case Management & Client Advocacy

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Nurse Practitioner Care Oversight & Advocacy Services

As our Director of Clinical Operations is an APRN and oversees the care of all of our clients, Care Crew provides COMPLEMENTARY liaison and advocacy services for all of our clients as the navigate a complicated healthcare system.

We are able to assist with coordinating care and working to address any identified risk factors with others involved in the care of our clients.

RN-Delegated Care

Care Crew Care Providers are able to perform any task being taught to a client’s family or other support system upon discharge home, under the Texas Board of Nursing RN Delegated Task Rules. This is provided with no additional cost to our clients, and can include:

– Tracheostomy Care & Suctioning

– Intermittent Catheterization

– Gastronomy Tube Management

– Injection Of Medications (E.G. Insulin) For Treatment Of Diabetes

– Administration Of Medications Via Various Routes

– Minor Wound Care With Low Risk Of Infection

– Non-Acute Administration Of Oxygen